• Mitchell Skelton

Sally Hughes Coultas appointed campaign treasurer

Yesterday was a BIG day for the campaign. It was the first day qualifying papers could be picked up at county election commission offices and we named our campaign treasurer! I am proud to announce that our campaign treasurer is Sally Hughes Coultas. Sally lives in Lawrenceburg with her husband and two sons.


This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but Sally and I go WAY back. We met at Lipscomb University where she was the Chairperson of the Lipscomb College Republicans. I had the pleasure of serving as her vice-chair until she graduated and was elected to lead Lipscomb's CR's as Chairman. Again, this might not seem like a big deal but under Sally's leadership (and I took great notes) Lipscomb had become the largest College Republican club in the state. Because of the great shape in which Sally left the club upon her graduation, we extended that lead once I became Chairman. It was a true David vs. Goliath situation as Lipscomb's enrollment was less than 3,000 students at the time and our club dwarfed the larger schools like Vanderbilt, MTSU, and UT-Knoxville. I really got to know Sally and her abilities while working alongside her as members of the State Executive Committe and working on campaigns together, one campaign in particular stands out. We worked tirelessly for Beth Harwell (Beth Halteman at the time.) in her second attempt to unseat incumbent Democrat Jan Bushing. Harwell had lost to Bushing two years earlier by just 62 votes. You'll need to do your research or remember back to the 80's for a moment when Republicans were the minority, and this is all taking place in the Democrat stronghold of Davidson County. Sally and I were determined to get the vote out for Beth, so we embarked on a bold plan to register as many students to vote as possible. The short version of the story is this: in Davidson County where suspected new Republican voter registrations were being rejected for the pettiest of reasons, we were able to successfully register over 2,000 students and others to vote that election cycle! The plan was set, vans were waiting to whisk students to the polls after chapel while Sally and I refused to take no for an answer. Beth Harwell became Representative Harwell that evening with a comfortable margin of about 2,000 votes! Which brings me to the point...


I asked Sally to consider this position because she I know that she can get the job done and is a STICKLER for details. I wanted a treasurer who would not only take the job seriously but be an asset to my campaign. My campaign will be run with integrity and openness and having Sally as Treasurer is a sign of that commitment. She won't let me do it any other way! -Mitchell


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