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Mitchell Skelton, small businesses owner and minister, seeks House District 71 seat.

Updated: Feb 16

News release from Mitchell Skelton for State Representative campaign:

Mitchell Skelton has announced his candidacy for State Representative for the 71st District of Tennessee. District 71 encompasses portions of Hardin, Maury, and Lawrence Counties and the entirety of Wayne County.

Mitchell is a native of Wayne County, having graduated from Wayne County High School in 1988. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (Marketing) from Lipscomb University in 1992, as well as completing courses in Biblical Studies (B.A.) from Heritage Christian University.

Mitchell is married to the former Sheryl Lynn Andrews, and they have three children, Reagan, John Austin, and Chloe. They attend Waynesboro Church of Christ where Mitchell serves as a pulpit minister.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Mitchell has been self-employed since graduating college and returning to his hometown of Waynesboro in 1992. Mitchell began his life as a small business owner working alongside his parents, Carl and Pat, in their family businesses. He helped his parents grow their already successful business into the dream they had envisioned over forty-five years ago at the opening of a convenience store. This dream saw the family business grow from its humble beginnings to employing over 50 employees across all its segments. Eventually, the business added the first franchise to operate in Wayne County, Pizza Hut, and Wayne County’s first automatic car wash. Mitchell also brought another franchise restaurant into the group in 1998, with the opening of Subway Sandwiches in Waynesboro and eventually expanding into Lawrenceburg. In 2014, after the sale of their business, Mitchell and his wife, Sheryl, opened and grew another small business, The Factory Screen Printing Co. which they still currently operate providing custom apparel, signs, banners and promotional merch all across the Southeast.

Mitchell has also served as a minister, in various roles, for over 20 years. His first located ministry began in 2002 as minister of the Midway Church of Christ near Summertown. After almost 5 years serving at Midway, Mitchell was offered and accepted a position at the Waynesboro Church of Christ where he has served for over 15 years.

Mitchell speaks to the Lawrence Co. GOP

Mitchell has served his community in many ways over the years. He is the former Chairman of Lipscomb College Republicans, founder and first Chairman of the Wayne County Young Republicans, and member of the Wayne County Republican Party. Mitchell is a former board member of the Butterfly Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit) and served on their advisory board. He served as president of Wayne County Soccer Association for 6 years and assistant coach for the Wayne County High School Lady Cats soccer team for 4 years. He is a member of the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce and former Rotary Club member. Mitchell is also a member of the Tennessee Tech University Parents Association.


“I am excited about the possibility of serving as State Representative,” Mitchell said. “I believe my experience as a small business owner and minister uniquely qualifies me to serve the 71st District. Because of my work and life experience, I’ve shown not just the ability to do the work required but that I can work with people long term.” He continues, “I know how to rise to the challenge of crisis, and I know how to manage and administer large scale projects. Most importantly, I realize the primary purpose of a Tennessee State Representative is to serve as an advocate for the people of the 71st District. I won’t get lost in legislation and taxation in Nashville, I’ll be the voice of the individual who needs help navigating government bureaucracy, and I’ll voice the desires of the people of the 71st District with honor and integrity.”

"My experience in business and my track record of loyalty makes me uniquely qualified among the candidates to help us navigate through the vastly different issues facing our district. I have shown the ability to plot a steady course in the face of chaos and uncertainty and most importantly I have a track record of seeing a project through to completion. I won't leave when things get tough. You can depend on me to complete the task" - Mitchell

Concerning education, Skelton says he is committed to pursuing reform in education, sending control of curriculum and standards where they belong, with parents and local school districts. He says, “It’s hard to be a parent. The state has no business forcing children to be taught the Marxist-Communist thoughts behind CRT. The state has no right and should not be in the business of forcing an ideology upon children. The left views our schools as indoctrination or reeducation camps, this has to stop! We need to restore a love of learning to students by releasing our teachers to do what they do best, teach math with no motive, science to inspire a young researcher that finds the cure to cancer, history without bias, and English so children can express what they learn and formulate themselves in a coherent manner.”


Regarding governmental overreach Mr. Skelton says, “I am deeply committed to ensuring, through legislation, that the freedom of Tennesseans to worship, work, operate their businesses, and live as free Americans will never be taken away from them again! God forbid, we face another pandemic or similar catastrophe in the future, no individual government bureaucrat or elected official should have the power to strip away our God given rights.”


Concerning jobs Mitchell wants to use his business knowledge and experience to assist the district in attracting more industry and providing better paying jobs for his neighbors. Mitchell says, “The diversity of the 71st District gives us the ability to attract businesses of all sizes to the area. I’ll work with each county and city government to help attract new businesses and manufacturers that fit with their community. The solution for Lawrenceburg might not be the answer for Collinwood. Answers that are good for Clifton might be incompatible with Mt. Pleasant. My promise is that from Spring Hill to Savannah, and all points in between, I’ll listen to the people and their elected officials and help them succeed.”

What District am I in? Click below to see an interactive map. Search your address to see how redistricting affected you.

Map of the new 71st District

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Authorized by Mitchell Skelton for State Representative, Sally Hughes Coultas, Treasurer.

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