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Edited: 6/24/22 Embrace Life! (Is this the end of Abortion? It could be.)

Updated: Jun 24

Edit: 6/24/22 - I wrote this article back in May when the leak of the court's ruling occurred. With today's Supreme Court ruling, it is of highest priority that we elect members to Tennessee's General Assembly that will unwaveringly vote to protect the life of our unborn children. As a father of three children and a minister I have proven that I will always Embrace Life. Please take 3 minutes and read, your vote matters more now than ever.

With the U.S. Supreme Court seemingly poised to overturn Roe v. Wade (and the lesser-known case, Planned Parenthood v. Casey) people have again returned to this familiar issue that some politicians would rather avoid.


Unless you’ve had your television turned off and your internet has been out this past week you’ve heard the story about how for the first time in history a draft supreme court opinion, apparently by Justice Samuel Alito, was leaked to Politico who published an article on Monday. Apparently, the court is preparing to rule in favor of Mississippi in a case concerning their law outlawing nearly all abortions at and after 15 weeks.

What this means:

If the leaked opinion holds true, and Chief Justice Roberts has confirmed its authenticity, then Roe v. Wade seems poised to be overturned.

Strangely, this does not mean that abortion in America automatically becomes illegal. What this decision does mean is that, once again, states will hold the power to regulate and restrict abortions (or as is the case in some states, abortion could have fewer restrictions than they have currently), it all depends upon each state's current laws or their respective legislative bodies and governors.

Pull the Trigger:

For Tennessee, this means a “trigger law” (TCA 39-15-213) will automatically go into effect if Roe v. Wade is struck down (Actually the law will go into effect in 30 days but the process to make it happen begins immediately). This law bans abortion at conception and also subjects a doctor performing an abortion to a Class C felony – which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

A matter of Life & Death: With the “trigger” law already in place in Tennessee one might ask, “Does it really matter what my state legislators believe about abortion?” The answer is a resounding, YES! You can expect if Roe is struck down that along with fighting on a national level, the liberal abortionists will have almost unlimited resources at their disposal to fight against state legislation that prohibits or restricts abortion. Should Tennessee’s current “trigger” law be challenged and struck down then we need strong men and women in office who will not back down to special interests and the money they will be spreading around.

Now, more than ever, we need to be sure we aren't electing RINO's and "convenient" conservatives. If a candidate is a politician who held office previously, check their record! Have they supported and vouched for other candidates? Who were they? If a candidate supports/vouches for someone that is pro-abortion then be wary, the people we support reveals our true colors.

I am Pro-Life.

All people are created in God’s image and therefore all people have value, including the right to life! There is no other position to which I will move, and I will not compromise concerning the sanctity of life!

I believe that life begins at conception, and no one has the right to end the life of an unborn child of God.

Since 1973, 69 million little boys and girls have died during the procedure called abortion at a doctor’s appointment. NOT ONE MORE!

Make no mistake, abortion will be featured in the Tennessee General Assembly in 2023-24, so if Life means something to you then make sure you do your homework. Don’t simply trust when a candidate says, “Sure, I’m pro-life,” dig deeper. What do they mean? Ask them, "at what point do you believe life begins?" What compromises are they willing to make? Ask the deeper, more specific questions. What exceptions would they carve out? All these questions matter. The answer to these questions reveals and separates the candidates who truly care about the sanctity of life from those who simply find it convenient to call themselves Pro-Life.

I promise as your state representative that I will fight for the lives of unborn children! I will stand for the right of all children in the womb to be born into this world. It is time for this massacre of the innocents to end! Life begins at conception, and I will vote to ban all abortions from conception. The only exception would be in the rare case when the mother is in imminent danger of death. NOT ONE MORE child dead on a doctor’s "exam" table!

In conjunction with ending abortion, we need to take a deep look at the entire adoption process. The adoption process takes too long, costs too much, and is ripe for corruption. I will work to streamline the adoption process and to drastically reduce the cost for parents who choose to adopt. I will also make sure that men are legally responsible for caring for their unborn child, even if the child will eventually be put up for adoption. Our future lies in our children and with strong leadership we can ensure that all children have the opportunity to experience this future.

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